BRIO Bellies – Exercise for Pregnancy & Postpartum

At BRIO Bellies we pride ourselves on offering simple, effective exercise for pregnancy and postpartum recovery.  With just enough challenge to be beneficial, without unnecessary strain on your adapting body. 

Pregnancy Exercise Class

Pregnancy Exercise

Exercise during pregnancy is safe, as well as beneficial.  Both for mom and baby. 

As you move through your pregnancy, there will inevitably be a few aches and pains that come with it as your body changes. 

Keeping yourself moving, and as strong as possible to support a growing belly, posture changes and all the other quirks that come along with pregnancy will make for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

As well as preparing your body for birth, and the initial few weeks of the postnatal period.

Postpartum Exercise

Possibly the most beneficial (and challenging) exercise you should consider is in the postpartum period. 

Keeping in mind every woman’s recovery will be up to their body’s progress and ability to make adaptations

This is why walking the path with someone is so beneficial.

Correct use of Exercise can help you with:

  • Comfort of movement
  • Reducing the symptoms of any niggles
  • Incontinence
  • Improving your ability to return to your regular activities – being time effective as well as remaining comfortable in your movements
  • Reducing your risk of prolapse at a later stage in life from not getting it quite right in the beginning

Keeping in mind that the postpartum period has no end date.  It is never too late to seek some help in regaining the function of your core and pelvic floor. 

We even have a 6 week guided program to help you ‘Bounce Back’ after baby.

Amazing Value in this offering!

We can help you with our individual sessions, group classes, and home programs.

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